Spectra Advanced Review

The Spectra Advanced is a compact and lightweight electric skateboard that stands out in a crowded market, with its distinctive selling point being the ability to control acceleration, braking, and turning via what Spectra calls their 3D Step Posture Control.

Why I Chose This Product

As an electric skateboard enthusiast, I am always seeking innovation and convenience in the eboards I use. 

The Spectra Advanced caught my eye because of its unique promise – an electric skateboard that doesn’t require a remote control. 

This feature alone intrigued me, as it presented a solution to the inconvenience of handling a remote while skateboarding.

Design and Build Quality

Upon first glance, the Spectra Advanced exhibits a robust and premium design. 

The board has a sleek aesthetic with an LED light on the front that switches between red, blue, and green. 

The material feels sturdy and well-constructed, offering an assurance of durability.


The deck of the Spectra Advanced is compact, which aids in maneuverability and portability. 

Despite its small size, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. 

It’s rigid enough to provide stability during rides, while flexible enough to absorb shock from rough surfaces.


The trucks on the Spectra Advanced are solidly built, offering a smooth and responsive turning experience. 

They handle both tight and wide turns effectively, catering to various riding styles and conditions.


The wheels on the Spectra Advanced are well-balanced, offering a decent grip on various terrains. 

They are tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear while providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The Spectra Advanced is powered by reliable motors that offer a top speed of 15.5mph / 25kmh. 

Although not the fastest on the market, the speed is adequate for commuting or cruising around town. 

The acceleration is smooth, and the motors operate quietly.

Battery Test 

With its battery, the Spectra Advanced promises a range of 12.4 miles / 20km on a full charge. This range is quite impressive for a compact eboard and is more than enough for daily commuting or short joyrides.


My overall performance experience with the Spectra Advanced was a mixed bag initially. 

The 3D Step Posture Control, although innovative, had a steep learning curve. 

However, once I got the hang of it, the board performed as promised – smooth acceleration, responsive braking, and comfortable ride.

Range Test

During my range test, the Spectra Advanced held up to its promise. 

I was able to achieve the advertised 12.4 miles / 20km range under ideal conditions. 

The range may vary depending on rider weight and terrain, but for me, it delivered as promised.

Speed Test

In my speed test, the Spectra Advanced reached its top speed of 15.5mph / 25kmh. 

Although not the fastest, the speed is more than enough for casual rides or commutes.

Brake Test

The brake test was where the Spectra Advanced truly excelled. 

The braking is smooth and responsive, with the 3D Step Posture Control providing an intuitive way to decelerate and stop the eboard.

Hill Test

The Spectra Advanced held up well in hill tests, managing to climb moderate inclines without a hiccup. It may struggle with steeper hills, especially if the rider is on the heavier side.

Few Drawbacks

One of the main drawbacks I encountered was the initial difficulty with the 3D Step Posture Control system. 

It requires a learning curve, which may deter novice riders. 

However, after acclimating to it, the system became second nature and enhanced the riding experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative 3D Step Posture Control
  • Good build quality and design
  • Compact and portable
  • Good range and speed
  • Smooth braking


  • Steep learning curve for the control system
  • Not suitable for high-speed enthusiasts


Product Alternative

If you prefer traditional eboards with a remote control, I would recommend the Boosted Mini X. 

It offers a similar compact design with a more traditional control scheme. 

It also has a slightly higher top speed and more robust hill-climbing capabilities. 

However, you would miss out on the innovative control system of the Spectra Advanced.

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